About us: This group is comprised of individual CPAs who wish to enhance their knowledge of the IFRS. If you are new to this site you will notice the menu bar. You can select any item except the Standards button which is restricted to members only. To become a member just go to the Membership section and sign up. The qualification for membership is that you are an active attendee at our meetings, here in Orange County. Sorry, at this time we do not have associate membership available for people who live far away - that may come later.
In the meantime have a look at this site and get ideas to form your own local group. Email the organizer if you would like to do this and cooperate with our group. Committee Chair - Cliff Beacham (949) 813-1349 email: cliffbeacham@hotmail.com Secretary - Geoff Garland Membership - Tony Polumbo PR and Marketing - Vacant IFRS for SMEs - Vacant Member at large - Alma Graves
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