.ORG stands for Organization. We are a group of accountants that are or wish to become expert at the IFRS’s and we have organized towards that objective and also to prepare comments for the standard setters. You have arrived at the admin section of our site - you can see from the button captions above that we have some links on this page to details that do not directly address the Standards. This is why we call this the admin section.   Please browse this section and see whether you would like to join the group. The topics are contained within the Sub-sites that are listed in the ‘Completed Standards’ section. We do not mean that the standards themselves are completed but that we have completed these sections. There will be about 40 SubSites which will contain approximately 1000 pages. This will probably take a year-or-so to finish. Topics that are listed in that page are either displayed in bold  and therefore a link to the SubSite or shown with an * next to the topic which denotes that we have not reached that topic yet.
At present we restrict membership to people who have attended at least one of our meetings. However, this could be changed in the future so if you have an interest please email me and we can discuss your involvement in the group. If you have found this site on the web and would like to get involved in this group as a remote member please email cliffbeacham@hotmail.com and we can discuss it. One suggestion has been that a person who wishes to specialize in a particular standard can join our organization and we will publish their specialized knowledge by way of articles they write. This means we may start an articles section to the site(s). Another suggestion is to have a Q & A section. So contact us with your ideas and we can discuss it.
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